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Finney County

Finney County
501 South 9th St.
Garden City, KS 67846

620-272-3576 fax


Starting in 2019, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) will be REQUIRED for exhibitors showing market and breeding animals in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive, Kansas Junior Livestock Show (KJLS), the Finney County Fair and several other shows. 

There are two ways to get certified, either way you will need to register online (instructions here) through YQCA. You can get certified online or through an instructor led class. Completing the online version will cost you $12 and the instructor led classes will be $3 per person. After completion the student will be able to print the certificate at home. Finney County Extension Office will offer two trainings. 

Trainings in Finney County: 

Finney County Extension Office has hosted the two classes it had to offer. For an in person training, contact another local extension office! 

For more information, see flyer below: 


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Finney County Extension Office
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