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Finney County

Crops and Livestock

K-State Research & Extension has a variety of information available about livestock and crop production.  We have numerous specialists performing unbiased research to provide you with up to date information to help your operation be more profitable.

If you have questions, please contact the Finney County Agriculture Agent, Jennifer Stoss.

Check out the Newsletter for the latest information and events!  

Upcoming Events 

 Livestock Mortality Workshop

The Kansas Department of Agriculture invites you to attend the Livestock Mortality Workshop. Please Register for the event as lunch will be provided. More information and registration can be found by visiting KDA Website

Workshop Information:
  • March 20th in Garden City from 9 AM to 3 PM
    • Finney County Fairgrounds Grandstand Meeting Room
    • Contact: 785-564-6700

Starbuck Fire Grass and Rangeland Recovery Tour

Fires in March 2017 devastated several southern Kansas Counties along with Oklahoma and Texas counties. The fires left the land bare with no nutrients left for feeding livestock. This program will provide a quality learning opportunity on range land recovery after a fire. For more information contact Brice Gibson at 620-635-2811.

Program/Tour Information:
  • March 25th in Ashland, KS
    • Ashland Library
    • Contact: 620-635-2811 or begibson@ksu.edu 
    • See flyer for more information!